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The Theo Wright Collection

Theo Wright

Theo Wright 1926 - 2005

Theo Wright was an early Eastport Gallery member, joining during the gallery's first location at I5 Water Street. He continued on as a prominent and very visible Eastport artist and personality by opening his own Water Street gallery, Studio 44.

After a few years he closed that gallery and left to live in Belize for a year painting copiously. Upon retuming, he opened another gallery at 65 Water Street, as well as creating many large and colorful murals for the Sardina Loco, Franks Pizza, and the June Monroe Gallery located in the Berman Mall  --now sadly, all gone.

Theo was a seeker and an unstoppable traveler. He used to say that his feet didn't know how to stay put.

Theo was born in Michigan; early in his childhood his father abandoned the family and Theo and his older sister moved constantly as their mother searched for work as a waitress. He later joined the Navy, married and divorced, went to college where he discovered art and philosophy which distilled into a life time of creating art and following a Zen Buddhist point of view.

After pulling up stakes in Eastport, Theo opened and closed a gallery in Bisbee, Arizona and then traveled to visit Japan as well as living for a while in Mexico. He continued to enjoy frequent visits to New Mexico after he returned to Maine, this time taking up residence in Bar Harbor. There he joined the Flounder Society Gallery and when that closed, his work found its way to other galleries in Bar Harbor, Northeast Harbor, Southwest Harbor and Ellsworth.

Theo's art not only reflects his traveling life but employs a vigorous use of line combined with melodic color and form, revealing his studied Zen aesthetic of harmonious simplicity, interconsecutiveness and articulated brevity.

This collection was provided by a generous donor and the proceeds of sales will help support

Eastport Gallery's mission of outreach and education.

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