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Kelle Bates-Erikson

Kelle Circle copy.jpg

I make jewelry for the woman who doesn't take herself too seriously. Most of my work includes metal, be it aluminum, brass, copper, tin, silver and clay which is hand-formed and finished however I choose.  My process tends to be experimental in many ways especially in the area of patinas on metal. I use fair trade beads and components created by other women. My material sources range from Maine to Europe, Great Britain, Nepal and Thailand. I have a special fondness for earrings, so they have a huge place in my body of work. I also specialize in making jewelry from ancient relics that date from circa 790 A.D. through the Middle Ages. The relics have been collected from Great Britain so what you see is my attempt to keep history alive and tangible. My jewelry has been called fun, quirky, whimsical, and sometimes profound. If that is so , I have been successful.

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