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     I began drawing at age 5 while going to Bangor schools and have had a lifelong interest in art ever since. I didn't start painting seriously until I was 25, when in 1974, I began studying under the direction of Ed Healy of Bangor, an excellent pastel and portrait artist. I received a solid foundation in drawing, portraiture, as well as working in both pastel and acrylic. Later, I tried my hand at watercolor under the guidance of Connie Henderson. Then from 1984 to 1986, I took technique classes in watercolor from Michael Vermette of Old Town. My favorite subjects to paint include landscapes, seascapes, flowers, and nature in general. Being an avid gardener and living in the beautiful state of Maine, provide endless inspiration for painting.
     While raising four children I decided to return to school. I attended the University of Maine at Orono and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education in 1990. It was during these years I really explored a vast range of techniques; in printing, doing intaglio etching, lithography, monotypes, and woodcuts, and also began painting with oils and creating sculpture in soapstone, plaster, metal, and plexi-glas. In the past couple years, I've begun experimenting with egg tempera, which is a very old medium and very different to work with.
     In 1993, I began a new art program for the Dr. Lewis S. Libby School in Milford, Maine, where my children attended school. I work with grades pre-K through 8 in Milford and grades K-4 at the Viola Rand School in Bradley, and K-4 at the Alton School. I love working with children of all ages and find it very stimulating being a part of the school system. I was president of the Old Town Art Society for “many years” and am also a member of the Bangor Art Society.
     My summers begin by collecting a dozen or so of my artist friends and renting a house on Monhegan Island to spend a week of painting and critiquing. The rest of the summer I like to paint on location throughout the state as well as my back yard, working mostly in oil and watercolor. I show my work in an art gallery at "Wisteria Floral & Gifts" at 298 Main Street in Old Town.
     I've enjoyed expressing myself in my artwork, it gives me great pleasure at times, as well as great pains and anxiety at others! I can see myself continuing as long as I am able. As any artist would tell you, when asked why we do it — it is what we must do!

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