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Helena Bosse

Helena circle.jpg

As far back as I can remember, I have loved creating art! Drawing was my passion from the time I began school and continued up to my discovery of painting with color! I have worked with most painting media, but prefer watercolor and oils. As an adult, my painting style has become mostly realistic and very colorful. Hopefully what I paint evokes a sense of warmth and well-being to the viewer. I try to show life as it should be-a peaceful place you want to escape to! After viewing my selected pieces, you will see I love to paint Maine landscapes, Seascapes, and floral gardens with occasional figures within them. Living in Maine most of my life has given me the opportunity to enjoy all these vistas and I feel very blessed! I hope you have enjoyed viewing my paintings and hope they have given you as much pleasure as I have had creating them.

Hammond St., Hill, at Dusk

Progression of Hammond St., Hill, at Dusk, Oil 12" x 12"

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