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Courtney Moore

Courtney Circle copy.jpg

I am a 24 year old artist who since the age of six has had a passion for both art and nature. As a young girl I would often wander our family’s woods with my parents camera, taking photos of the local flora and fauna. This youthful wonder for the natural world has now transformed into a dedication to share the beauty of nature through my art on a professional level. As a teenager I focused mainly on my wildlife photography, and have  won more than 40 photo contests both locally and worldwide as well as being published in multiple magazines and books. I published in my first national magazine at the age of 7 after winning Ranger Rick’s photo contest. In 2014 I placed second in the Big Picture and had the honor of being named the TPOTY’s Young Travel Photographer of the Year in 2016 with a series of red fox photos.

In recent years I have started focusing more on my painting. This year I placed second in the Maine Duck Stamp Contest, as well as having won first and second place in the New York Junior Duck Stamp in previous years. I have found that using my experiences from photographing and studying different species of animals that I have a better understanding of the subject. I try to not only portray realism in my paintings, both habitat and proportions, but also capture an intimate moment of the subject that I hope shows the beauty and uniqueness that each animal possesses.

My goal for the coming years is to combine my love for both photography and painting in order to better share the wonders of our natural world. I hope that my art will not only show people how captivating the surrounding environment is but also how important it is to preserve this world for years to come so that the next generations can also experience these precious wonders.


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