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Vote for New Member(s)

There are 8 APPLICANTS FOR GALLERY MEMBERSHIP. 3 are applying for Online Membership Only. Please consider online membership as carefully as full-time membership as we have stated that online members get priority if they eventually apply for full-time.


We currently have:

  • 15 full-status, full-time members

  • 1 emeritus member (no sitting)

  • 1 online member

  • Note: At this time we have several other people willing to either sit extra days or will sit on a volunteer basis (either non-members or online members).

  • Our capacity for full-time, full-status members is typically 20 but that can be open for discussion.


Click on the images to see each applicant’s entire submission.  Click again on each image for details.


You will be able to see their work, their artist statement and some skills they can bring to help. You can also note whether they have been a member before and if they are a seasonal resident. There are a couple candidates who are asking for online membership only so please consider them in that light.

Please consider the entire submission package for each applicant carefully. Give each candidate a score from 1-4. (don't try to rank). Choose 4 for your top choices and 1 for least preferred. If, for some reason, you don't think the applicant is a good fit at all, do not give them any score. Essentially their score will equal zero. If you feel everyone is a good fit, everyone can score a 4! Consider each candidate's score individually.

PLEASE VOTE: Deadline Sunday, March 24, 6pm

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