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Art Submissions for the Virtual Gallery

Have this information ready before you start:

  • Your name

  • Title of artwork

  • Dimensions of artwork

  • Medium

  • Photo

  • Shipping info -- choose one: 

  1. Local pickup/delivery only

  2. Shipping only*

  3. Local pickup/deliver or shipping is available*

* Artist determines shipping method and cost. The customer is billed this amount and the artist will be reimbursed.

2024 Schedule

Spring Show: Opens June 25

Upload deadline: June 15

Participation in our Virtual Galleries (VG) is completely optional, but encouraged. It is another opportunity to keep the gallery on the community radar AND show and sell your art year-round.  



If you submit new work to a VG show, you MAY hang it later in the physical gallery.  The physical gallery shows must include work that is new to the physical gallery but it could have been included in the VG prior to the physical show.  You may also show work in the physical gallery first, then move it to the VG later.

VG shows will have a maximum of 60-80 pieces – artists may submit up to five pieces depending on the number of participating artists. Upload your art in order of preference (there is a timestamp on uploads). If we have 100% participation we might have to reduce the amount of work shown. To date, we have not had to do this.


Artists should include at least 50% fresh pieces in new VG shows.  For example, artists with 5 pieces in the Spring Show may leave in 2 pieces and rotate in 3 fresh pieces. Or they may replace their entire show selection.  This will keep the overall show current without putting too much pressure on the artists during the off-season. If you choose to keep artwork in the gallery, please let Jen Maffett know via email (


Unsold pieces in completed shows will REMAIN available for sale on the artist’s individual store page and subject to VG commission terms until removed at the request of the artist. An example of an artist's personal page is this one of Alice Chen's. And here is Alice's store. Customers can access it from each person's Bio page as well as from EACH item featured in the Virtual Gallery. So, if someone likes your work, they can easily see more!


Be sure that work that you have in our VG is NOT also contractually represented in another gallery, whether physical or virtual.   



Each artist is responsible for shipping or delivering their own artwork. Consider the cost and ease of shipping when submitting a piece. You will need to know the cost to ship when you upload the artwork. Unframed work is fine for the VG.


ecause prices vary according to destination you may want to get an estimate for local delivery and prices for a west coast destination and make a judgement call.


For more USPS Flat Rate shipping costs visit:


What Happens When Something Sells?

Eastport Gallery email, monitored by Alison Ross, will be notified and Alison will contact the artist. It is the artist's responsibility to ship as soon as possible. It is also good practice to send the buyer an email letting them know that the artwork has been shipped and also provide tracking information. USPS Flat Rate packages come with free tracking.

The artwork will be marked as SOLD or OUT of STOCK in the gallery. Please feel free to upload a new piece of art using the submission form. Drop an email to Jen Maffett to let her know it has been uploaded, please. ( 


The Gallery earns 30% commission on all sales. Shipping (the amount you submit on your upload form) is reimbursed completely. 



Please contact Jennifer Maffett – she is happy to assist in any way to ensure that as many members as possible are able to easily participate in this opportunity!

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