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Meri Fern

743 N Lubec Rd, Lubec, ME 04652, 

Previous Member? No
Year-round local? Yes
Online Only? No

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I consider myself a mixed media mosaic artisan. For me what that means is that I incorporate many different items into each "UNIQUE" piece I make. I "upcycle" most materials that I use.

I am a regular at Goodwill searching for picture frames, shadow boxes, spice racks, or even magazine/newspaper racks. I had to cut down two apple trees and the wood was beautiful. So I had slabs cut and am decorating them as garden ornaments!

And BIG NEWS the Maine Cabin Masters have hung one of my birdhouses on one of their renovations (Season 3 episode 1) and can now be bought in the Maine Cabin Makers Store on-line or in-person!

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