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Fran McLean

Schooners Eastport, ME

I have been an artist for 60 years, starting at age 9 when I began with drawing and painting by numbers. I have one of my number paintings, signed and dated the year I was 13. I continued to paint and draw and at age 23, I took lessons from local artists and learned the magic of oil painting.

I still paint with oils and have used acrylic, watercolor and pastels but I always return to my oil paints. My artwork is of the sea, sky, people, animals and especially dogs, cats, boats and landscapes. Other artwork I have done was for the community theater in Delray Beach, Florida. I painted backdrops for three years. The first backdrop I did was 20 feet long and 10 feet high, the largest canvas I have ever painted.

My home is Eastport. My painting is for a lifetime.

Fran is pictured here with her friend named "Duck."

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