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Elements of Art: Color


Color is obviously a key element in the world of Visual Art. It sets the mood of a painting. The juxtaposition of one color against another creates rhythm and texture. Color brings to life forms and creates the illusion of depth, distance and shape. It defines three and four dimensions within a two-dimensional medium.


Georgia O’Keefe, who used color in such bold ways, said this, “I found that I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say in any other way -- things that I had no words for.”


One artist in Eastport Gallery also uses color in bold, rhythmic and dramatic ways. Anne Black’s command of color can be seen in her tiniest creations … her wearable art earrings, as well as her largest prints. Her work as a visual artist incudes photography, digital montage, painting, monotype, mixed media, jewelry, and fiber art. Anne says “I take special delight in unexpected vantage points, abstraction, complex layering, intuitive mark-making, vivid color and texture.”


Anne often gives workshops at the Eastport Arts Center where she encourages students to take a playful approach to using color and texture in their artwork.

Camic's Garage by Diana young

Beach Day

Beach Day by Anne Black

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