Laura Traverso

Past Member? No

Year-round? Yes

In my current work, I attempt to interpret human emotions. Not only the aesthetic but as a source of psychological language, seen in the diverse characteristics visible to me.

How I choose to express something is dependent on what it is that I wish to communicate at that time.

Fascinated by human expression and the power it holds, I seek more than just a flattering likeness of the subject. Observing the face and the life therein, I am offered a palette with which to create.

Through each piece I attempt to communicate and comment on the universal emotions and experiences that we all share.

A mirror of the human condition as it is and not as one would like it to be.Simple, yet complex.

The emphasis of meaning has shifted from what the world looks like to what we feel about the world.


Decorative painter for over 20 years
professional baker
private chef for 10 years
fluent in Spanish and English