Ashley Wright

Past Member? No

Year-round? Yes

In my art, I pour out all of my heart, soul, and feelings I am experiencing in the moment. Everything around me inspires my art. Nature is my biggest inspiration. If I had lived in a place that did not inspire, I moved. I have traveled for years in search of beauty to fill this constant pull for the place my heart desires. Never have I been so deeply satisfied until I moved here to Eastport. The island has a wildness that haunts me to my very core, and I feel as if I have finally found the place to which my heart was lounging. A place I can take my last breathe, and know that I found what it was I was searching for all those years. To know I lived among the wildness of the island that matched my soul. 


Film Production, Music Video Production, Commercial Production, Film Director, Photographer, Musician, Singer, Film Editor, Cinematographer, writing, painting, basic home repairs, landscaping, gardening!