Fran McLean

Past Member? Yes

Year-round? Yes

Due to my many interests  my art is a variety of subject matter, such as a canvas filled with red shoes, evening sunsets shimmering on bodies of water, boats sailing or anchored, pet portraits and 
recently flow art.  My medium is oil on canvas, 400lb watercolor paper and wood.

Recently I have experimented with a new/old art form called flow art or pouring, the medium being acrylic and ink.  I have found it to be fun and relaxing.  The pouring of a variety of colors all at once on canvas, glass, cups, tile and furniture is fascinating to watch.  The colors flow across, down the object you have poured onto and within minutes becomes an amazing piece of art.

Realistic painting, pouring, etching, drawing, whatever art I have and will continue to create will be, for me, one of lifes rewards.


I have worked as a curator for 3 galleries in Florida.
I have helped with event planning.
I can help with chores, such as cleaning up, washing windows.
I am a terrible bookkeeper.