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Call for Artists

Low Tide.jpg

Low Tide by Fran McLean

ALL ARTISTS - Local and Away
Please submit up to 3 pieces to our virtual gallery before May 24 using the form below. The earlier the better!

Use one form for each piece of art.


Have this information ready before you start:

  • Your name

  • Contact Info (email or phone)

  • Title of artwork

  • Dimensions of artwork

  • Medium

  • Photo


Pieces on display at 109 Water Street and online may be for sale with a 70(artist)/30(gallery) split or designated NFS - Not For Sale by the artist.   


Community Show 2023

The Eastport Gallery will open at 109 Water St for the summer season on Friday, June 2, with its annual Community Show.  This year the show will be presented both live in the Water Street gallery and online in our virtual gallery.  

All artists may submit up to 3 pieces to the Virtual show using the form on the left no later than May 24th.

Local artists may select one piece from their virtual submissions, within the size guidelines outlined below to deliver to the Gallery at 109 Water Street on May 31 between 10am and 2pm.  You may bring more than one piece but we may not be able to display more than one due to space constraints.

Local artists unable to deliver work on May 31 may email to arrange another time before May 31. 


The Water St. show will run June 2-17 in the front rooms of the Gallery.

The virtual show will run June 2 - July 17.

Size Limitations in the Physical Gallery

Flat artwork no larger than 18”x24”. Must be ready to hang with hanging wire. 


3 dimensional pieces no larger than 12” base radius and no higher than 4’ and must weigh less than 50 lbs.


If 3 dimensional piece can be placed outside and is weather proof, it can be no larger than 36” base radius and must weigh less than 50 lbs. 

You may bring more than one piece but we might only have space for one piece per artist. 


Eastport Gallery hanging committee reserves the right to limit what it can actually physically hang.

If you have questions please contact the gallery at

The artist will be notified by the gallery when something sells in the Gallery.

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