Ann C. Rosebrooks

     Ann C. Rosebrooks (b.1948) has been creating artwork seriously since the age of fourteen. She grew up in a small town in a family that valued art, music, theater and dance. As a young girl she loved pattern, color and movement. There was no formal training in her high school, but she studied art and artists on her own. A two week summer art class at the Worcester Art Museum, Worcester Mass. inspired her to keep creating.

     Ann applied to art school and had to produce a portfolio with no real drawing experience. Somehow she was accepted at the Rhode Island School of Design Providence, RI. The first year was a struggle but she became increasingly confident, and learned a lot. She graduated with a BFA in Painting in 1970 and continued to create while working part time and raising a family. In 1972 Ann was accepted into Pulpit Rock Artist's Community in Woodstock, CT and moved with her family to CT. That time was instrumental in establishing solid work habits and gaining feedback from other artists in the community.

      In 1973 Ann began showing her work and instantly began to win prizes and recognition. She joined Artworks Gallery in 1978 and was a member there for 30 years. She has shown her artwork in many juried and invitational exhibits across New England, New York and the country.

     An artist's residency in Ubud Bali in 2000 led to a new appreciation of landscape and Hindu culture. Travel, personal experiences, music and dreams continue to inspire new work. Ann's work is in a number of both public and private collections. She has remained true to herself. In art school she was encouraged to be original and unique. She continues to be productive and involved with the arts.